Monday, June 07, 2010

:: Killing - The New IN Thing ?::

"I could've killed all the Jews in the world, but I kept some alive, so that you can see why I was killing them"
Adolf Hitler

Ironic isn't it? It would be different if the statement came from someone else, not Hitler the Nazi's world-known leader who has made killing as his profession. But again, its been said. By him. The killer, himself. Who else can say it better than him?

In Malay, we used to hear the saying 'Hanya jauhari mengenal manikam'. Meaning, only the one with all the experience in the area / field will have all the knowledge and value in saying things related to his area. Thus, no one can do it better when speaking on Jews though he has to compare them with his own kind. 

Since i was a small kid, i've heard, watch and read all the unacceptable excuses (one after another) being given from this unethical people. With all the force that we (as in the world) have, i failed to understand why cant we stop this nonsense. While we are celebrating our birthday, anniversary, independence day each year..those people in Palastine feels so blessed if none of them been killed on the day. Not to mentioned how blessed they are if they can have their meal maybe once a day? 

Education? They certainly learned how to run fast enough from being shot by the animals. Leisure? Manage to lean on each others back and heal their breath for not being shot by the animals. Art? Sand is the canvas and blood is the paint for the abstract paint, after you get shot by the animals. Forgive me for using too many animals though i think animals is better than them. At least they can be tame and trained. Oh shoot! Same goes to them! They can be tame with powers and they've been trained to kill. How can i missed that!

For my brothers and sisters there, my prayers will be with you always.  Alhamdulillah for those who have made it there and return safely in one piece. For those who doesnt, Syahid awaits you, my true warrior.

Was it so hard to teach them a lesson? Or was it too late?

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