Wednesday, July 14, 2010

: With or without you ::

Things are too complicated at a time. But, i just want to make it simple for me, myself and i. I don't need too much drama in my life. So, i choose to refrain myself from having any sort of conversation with you. I am just too tired to handle another fight which clearly not worth it.

As for this moment, i rather not to share anything personal with you. It's not that i hate you. I just cant. I am not here for your entertainment. It's my life and i hold full responsible on how its run. Mind you, its my call and i don't think you would have in any kind of way to get a chance to ruin it for me. Not anymore.

You will stay where you are now, until i re-consider on your existence in my life. Seriously, with or without you i, i am a happy person. So, be it.

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