Friday, May 07, 2010

::: I & We ::

My brain can be funny sometime. I was browsing the FB and saw few status update related to partnership, relationship, space ship and yes teamwork. Its common when you see something like "There's NO i in teamwork but there's we".

We choose to believe that without having further thought. Try to look at the word TEAMWORK again.  It is fact that you cant find any single letter I there but if you observe clearly, there's ME. Yes, ME. Who? Me? And who's ME? It's I. How pathetic is that?

There are options in life. Yes or No, Good or Bad. In normal situation for the entire population,  nothing can falls in between (except for the 'or'). Same goes when it involve Me/I or We. You have to choose. You will put yourself first before others. Agree?

Take this as an example :

If WE are important, 

why is there so many of I product in the market?

- iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTalk,iTune?


Why cant they name it WePod, WePhone, WePad etc. It was said that the 'I' represent 'intelligent'. In this case, who's that intelligent arse? It's 'I'. Who? I. And who is I? Me. See? So..where are WE? 

The team say "You'll never walk alone". Nahh..that's rubbish. You will always do, for your entire life. You are the master of your own game and you should take full responsibilities of your act. You may seek for advise but hey, decision is still yours. Make it or break it.

p/s : Word is just a word. You may say thousand things but it means nothing. Yet, when you say means everything - loads of things. After all, Ronan says "You say it best, when you say nothing at all"

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